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Remote TestKit

Device Cloud for
Mobile App Testing


Basic function of Remote TestKit

Function Table

The available functions vary depending on the pricing plan of Remote TestKit and the app used, so please check the following table.

Major Item Function Details Applicable Plan Usage Method
Ticket Flat Client Web
ADB Coordination Virtual adb Provides the standard adb functions, and enables remote access to devices using adb commands
DDMS Collects information using DDMS (a development tool) *1
Eclipse development tool (ADT) Development and debugging using the Eclipse development tool (ADT)
Automation & Testing Automatic Web capture Captures the first view and full view of specified URLs and saves them as files. Operates on all rented devices that are operating.
Automatic Web testing Enables testing of Web operations (including clicks and transitions) following a specified scenario. Results are saved as HTML. Operates on all rented devices that are operating.
Apps App installation Specify an apk from the menu to install it
Batch deletion of app data Batch deletes the app data of all apps that allow deletion
Batch deletion of installed apps Deletes apps that have been installed from Google Play or development tools (Depending on their settings, pre-installed apps may also be deleted)
Device Operation Key entry Text entry using a keyboard on the device window (Alphabet and symbols only)
Touch entry Touch entry using a mouse on the device window (Compatible with Windows 8 touch panels)
Pinch in/pinch out Pinch in and pinch out operations using a combination of keyboard and mouse operations
Hardware keyboard entry Key entry by pressing the hardware key on the skin of the device window
Website display Display of websites using a specified URL on the device’s default browser
Automatic screen rotation Automatically rotates when the app screen is rotated
Forced screen rotation Forces rotation when screen rotation is possible (Android 2.3 or later)
Device return Returns rented devices
Remote control Operates rented device with your smartphone as a controller
Device Settings GPS Settings Enables GPS testing through entry of dummy latitudes and longitudes
Language Settings Enables switching of languages (English, Japanese, etc.) on rented devices with multiple language functions
Capture Capture entire device Copies the entire device (screen and frame) to the clipboard
Capture display screen Copies the display screen to the clipboard (Web version saves as a file)
Record Creates a video file of an operation history
Display Foreground display Displays the device window in the foreground
Frameless display Displays the device window with no frame
Change image quality Image quality can be changed to 3 levels
Change device window size Changes the device window size from the menu or window frame *2
Other Real-time clipboard synchronization Data is transferred between the clipboard of the Android device and the clipboard of the client, enabling pasting of characters copied on the client onto the Android device, and vice versa.
Use the client IME Character entry using the IME of the client, not the IME of the Android device
API Thrift-API Use device rental, app installation, screen capture, etc. from API
  • *1 Regarding DDMS, only Logcat export results can be checked
  • *2 Regarding change device window size, size can be changed by changing the browser size